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Metrolina Pain Management specializes in Pain Management and Suboxone treatment for patients who suffer from chronic pain. In our clinic, we understand how difficult it is to overcome Chronic Pain and we are here to help.

Overcoming pain is difficult -sometimes it even seems impossible. We know you are hurting. Chronic pain is a pain state which is persistent and in which the underlying cause of the pain cannot be removed or otherwise cured.

There are many different causes and kind of pain. Chronic pain may be associated with a long-term incurable or intractable medical condition or by injury, illness, sickness, disease or surgery. Further we understand that living with chronic pain takes a heavy toll on those who have pain and their family and friends.

"Drug use often begins as a choice, but frequent use can cause the brain cells to change the way they work. The brain is "re-set" to think that the drug is necessary for survival". This is why, at Metrolina Pain Clinic, we strive to provide the best health care available to our patients.

Take back control of your life. Our practice is here to improve the lives of those in pain.

Opioid dependent?

Opiods are drugs that are either derived from opiates or are chemically related to Opiates or Opium (Morphine, Codeine, Methadone, Heroin)

What is Opioid Dependency?

An individual is generally considered opioid dependent when two things occur:

  1. Repeated Opioid use is needed in order to feel good or avoid feeling bad.

  2. The Opiod use continues in spite of its negative effects. For example, people who are opioid-dependent will feel a need to keep using opioids even if hurts their health, job, finances or familiy.


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